Moving Day

Last Monday, was the craziest day so far…..

At 9:30, 4 movers came to pack our staff, and by 15:30, our container was already on the road to Ashdod.

1 mover per room.

It was also my last day at work. So I left Joseph and the 4 wonder-men together, and I went to “work”, to say goodbye to everyone.

At some point I got a text from Joseph : “that’s it, I don’t have anywhere to seat”.

We did not find the piece of puzzle that was supposed to be under our bookcase, instead we found 2 pieces of puzzle that were not ours…

Pictures speak for themselves so look at the album afterward.

A few funny moments were

– When they brought the huge bubble wrap, the dream of any child ! , the carton of scotch and the tones of cartons !

– When Joseph ran after the container because they forgot to take our kitchen’s trash can… so it will arrive by plane in 2 weeks, what a chance !

– Someone came to talk to us during the day. He called us in the evening, asking if we did not find, by any chance, his sun glasses on our table…. Joseph answered that if they were there, they are now on their way to Singapore, since the movers did not ask us about every piece of detail !

– Also, when Joseph took down our 3 “big” suitcases, it took him more time than it took the movers to take down our entire apartment, but as polite people, they did not laugh. They even offered to help, but Joseph, too proud, refused and came back exhausted and out of breath.

Anyway, now that the container left, we had time to seat one last time at Ness (or 2 last times, or 3,….) to go one more time to the Tahana, and eat a fish and chips. We might even go to the zoo to use our subscription one last time… then we will take a cab, direction the Airport !

Shabat Shalom from Jerusalem, Shabat starts in an hour and so…. last early shabat before a long time ! Let’s get ready…

ps : this is our first post in English…. feel free to put a comment and encourage us to write more in this foreign language.

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3 Responses to Moving Day

  1. stella says:

    Liora’s 2 pieces of puzzle in Jerusalem and soon in Singapore ???? ;)) lol
    Hasta la Vista
    Gute Reise
    ביסעס אָו ענפאַנץ עט אָו גראַנדס
    … tout cela pour vous dire que, quelque soit la langue que vous utiliserez pour nous faire partager vos aventures, nous nous en délecterons!
    Et pour couronner le tout, j’oubliais le plus important : MERDE !

  2. sdblepas says:

    Have a nice trip 🙂

  3. Ju says:

    Allez !!!!! Have a safe trip !!! T’inquiete Noa, ca va passer vite 😉

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