Botanic Gardens

A post in English, what a suprise !

I have some pity for the few of our non french speaking readers who struggle to read us via google translate. It was reported by a friend that google translated “il s’est foutu de ma poire” by “he fucked my pear”. I wanted to let you know that nobody harmed my fruits. It just means that someone had a good laugh at me.

Another good reason to write in English, is to drastically minimize my spelling mistakes. If by any chance some of my sentences sound odd to you, don’t take for granted that I have a terrible English, assume just for a moment that I write in Singlish (Singaporean English, our local creole).

Last Sunday, we decided to tour in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It is our central park, a free green lung in the middle of the city. It is divided in different zones, each one offering different landscapes and showing an impressive diversity of plants.


There is no need to be an expert to enjoy, flowers are impressive, trees even more. We saw large nenuphars (Victorias) with diameters up to 3 meters, they can carry up to 80kg but it is advertised not to test it. Lakes are full of fish that you won’t find in your fish market nor in your aquarium.





Some trees are like watches with visible mechanism,  they exhibit what is usually hidden : their roots.




We were very enthusiastic by the tropical rainforest, in a few seconds we were transported in this incredible atmosphere that make you forget that the nearest bus stop is 500 meters away. Species living there are very noisy, especially because they don’t turn their alarm off.


Beside the usual suspects : butterflies, giant ants, squirrels, weird birds… we had the opportunity to meet with a snake that was standing on the trail under our baby stroller. Some snakes can paralyze with their venom, the one we encountered didn’t even have to byte us to freeze us. At some point it left and we ran away.


After a picnic we reached the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, the dedicated section for children. It is located near the NUS (National University of Singapore).

For the french speaker : la NUS est a Singapour ce que Moncuq est pour la France.

For the others Jacob Ballas is a jew of Baghdadi origin, he started from scratch and became chairman of the Malaysia and Singapore Stock Exchange. Ballas is regarded as one of the pillars of the Jewish community in Singapore and his legacy lives on through his philanthropy. At his death, his estate was said to be worth more than $100 million. Charities in Singapore and Israel each received half of his bequests. The Jacob Ballas Centre in Singapore, is an example of Ballas’ legacy of giving. The centre is the hub of Jewish life in Singapore- housing the rabbi and his family, a mikvah , and a rooftop sukkah amongst other things.



We ended up exhausted, in the late afternoon, at our place, we enjoyed baking some hametz : pitot, hallot, bread and crepes. Like bears before the hibernation, jews need to make reserves of flours before passover.


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3 Responses to Botanic Gardens

  1. Ju says:

    Mes chouchous !!!! Je parle des petits, evidemment 😉 Trop mimi !!! Bon, ce qui est sympa c’est que vous nous faites un catalogue de tous les trucs ouf de Singapour et y a plus qu’a choisir ce qu’on veut visiter quand on vient ! Continuez !!!

  2. pharael says:

    Avner looks like a champion on his bike !
    Joseph, how do you deal with the fact that you raise in your own house one of these crazy riders ?
    And one other question tickles me:
    is the NUS well served by public transportation ? Where is the NUS bus stop ? (hmm)

    • josephnyu says:

      I ask avner to get down his bike if the slope is above 3%. Thst’s how I handle it.

      A part ca j’ai pas entendu de bons echos de cette fac, on parle beaucoup de la NUS horibilis.

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