I hope Germany wins

I have never been a fan of football (soccer) and being in Singapore makes things worse. The world cup, one of the major global sport events with the olympic games, has little audience over here.

First Singapore is ranked 155th by the FIFA, for comparison Israel is 75th. But sometimes a country can also rejoice when another one win, look at France when Algeria got qualified ! Anyway Malaysia, China, Indonesia… were not part of the tournament, and more than that, there is currently no team from Asia or Oceania qualified, the closest one is 5.7 miles away (Greece). Last but not least the world cup is played in Brazil so whoever wants to follow a live game needs to wake up at midnight or 4am.

What caught my attention this week was this ad that was published in the press and on the Internet.



Two boys sitting on soccer balls, one worried says to the other : “I hope Germany wins. My dad bet all my savings on them”. It advertises a help service for gambling addicts.

There had been different reactions :

The sarcastic one, mocking it, imagining what the dad could say : “I hope the stock market stays strong. My gov bets all my retirement fund on them.”

The racial one. Why did they pick boys of Chinese origin ?

Mine. It is really ironic, because the person who wrotes the text bet that Germany won’t win. The advertisement is a potential big fail. Just for that I’ll follow the progression of Germany with great interest. The next game is against Algeria on Monday in Brasil, but we will only get it on Tuesday in Singapore, as Gilles Juan – a French journalist – tweeted : NO SPOILER PLEASE !


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3 Responses to I hope Germany wins

  1. Ta sœur says:

    THE Question: will you bet money on Germany, or on the teams that play against Germany?
    If you are a real soccer follower will you prove yourself?

  2. Dad says:

    Mon pronostic France – Allemagne :
    Mon bouquin en cours d’édition “Le mythe de la France vainqueur en 1939-45” montre que la victoire de la France à l’époque reste à l’état de mythe.
    En fait a on eu au mieux Vichy-Berlin 0-0 !

  3. Dad says:

    Et le Brésil “7-1” et “s’éteint” face à l’Allemagne !!!

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